• We apply on a daily basis innovative and technological education models in view of providing socialization of the children and developing a life-long learning aptitude;
  • Specific organizational culture built on the basis of dedication to the common goal and competence of the educators;
  • An extensive technological array and flexible organizational working methods;
  • Small working groups (8-10 children), according to age and individual characteristics of the children;
  • Dynamically changing object environment which provides for independence and creativity;
  • Diversifying the activities in the daily routine depending on the children’s interests and needs;
  • The pedagogical cases ensure smooth transition from one mode to another;
  • Targeted sessions focused on morality and behavioural culture - etiquette;
  • Favorable atmosphere for the development of the children’s sense of initiative;
  • Each child has the right to participate in solving problematic tasks;
  • Life in an adequate children’s society;
  • Acquaintance with human and national values through traditional rituals, holidays and entertainment;
  • Healthy way of life: streamlined mobility schedule; traditional and non-traditional toughen-up procedures; health culture; eating culture and sanitation behavior;
  • Regular outings in the mountain, ski school, summer break at the sea or in the mountain, green kindergarten, change of the environment.

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We ensure high culture in our relations with parents.

Kindergarten and family


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High professionalism in organizing and holding the activities for strengthening and developing children’s physique and physical abilities.


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