"We cultivate the hearth"- a charity project of Nemo Private Kindergarten dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Bulgarian Association of Private Schools/ With our friends – the different children


"We cultivate the heart" has the ambitious task to create in children the mindset that charity has its tangible but also a moral side to it. As part of the project the children from Nemo visited “medical Centre for Children with Problematic Development". The little Nemo kids performed theatrical pieces, music and dances which their new friends enjoyed very much. They also realized that children with disabilities are children like them, that they also need to play, to have fun and to smile. The meeting made them the difference as a chance to learn something new, to enrich you by looking through the other person’s eyes.


Our social engagement which is part of the education process at NEMO develops responsible, sympathetic and tolerant citizens of the world.


  • When the children are in "NEMO’s boat", they learn to be careful with each other, to help each other, to take care of the younger ones and to behave like “grown-ups”.
  • Education of the heart is when children and parents together participate in charity initiatives. Since 2008 on 11 November, St. Mina’s and St. Martin’s Day, every year we have been organizing “The Light’s Holiday”. The parents “pay” the treats and the collected funds are given to the “Children with Developmental Problems” Foundation.
  • Houses for birds - Home for friends

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