What happens in “NEMO"? How do we celebrate and have fun?

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1 Discounts in Nemo - Slatina
2 We are in Slatina Residential Area too
3 Teo at Nemo!
4 Viva Mexico!
5 The Cameroon Jungle
6 Cameroon is at Nemo!
7 Mexico is at Nemo!
8 Good luck to the first-graders!
9 Happy Birthday to Nemo!
10 At the Museum of Aviation
11 I am Bulgarian" at Ivan Vazov’s house...
12 Would there have been the Third of March without our Apostle?!
13 Tales about musical instruments
14 Wonders of the World
15 Tribute to National Leaders
16 We make Jack O'Landerns together online
17 The road of the Bread
18 A trainee from Spain
19 We cultivate the hearth
20 The Bulgarian Association of Private Schools awards Nina Mateeva from Nemo
21 Nemo turns 6
22 Road Safety Celebration:
23 Verandah Concert
24 Bulgarian Association of Private Schools
25 Skiing with Atmosphere
26 Winter
27 Autumn Events
28 NEMO turns 5
29 Exams at NEMO
30 The Osenovlag Farm
31 Multiculti party
32 Yoga at NEMO

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