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The admission for Private Kinder Garden “Nemo” is taking place all year round until full capacity. Children are being assigned not earlier than the school year in which they enter their 3rd year of age. By parent’s assessment and/or shortage of places in nurseries in the area and free places in private kinder garden “Nemo”, children of 2 years of age, by the time of the start of the school year, will be accepted.

Admission of children is being organised by the Managers of Private Kinder Garden “Nemo” LTD : Iva Milkova Stoyanova and Nadezhda Dimitrova Karamanska.

Necessary documents for application:

  • Written application addressed to the Director of the kinder garden;
  • Copy of the birth certificate;
  • Medical documents in accordance with Regulation № 3 of 2007 of Ministry of Health;
  • Health prophylactic card completed by the GP;
  • Negative result from pathogenic intestinal bacteria's test;
  • Negative result from intestinal parasites test completed not earlier than 15 days before the offspring's admission;
  • Blood and urine tests completed in 7 days time before the offspring's admission;
  • Data from the GP about the immunization status of the offspring in accordance with Regulation #15 from 2005;
  • Negative status of one of the parents' Wasserman test (for offsprings under 3 years of age);
  • A medical note from the GP confirming lack of contact with infected individuals 3 days prior the offsping's admission.

Private Kinder Garden “Nemo” provides inclusive education for children with special educational needs or/and with chronic illnesses.

Children with Special Needs Education or/and with chronic illnesses receive, if necessary, special resource support and are being tutored under individually prepared curriculum.


Тhe procedure for seamless adaptation of the newly enrolled children includes:

  • Preliminary visits of the children with their parents to get acquainted with the kinder garden, the group and the working conditions;
  • Preliminary consultation meetings of the parents with the kinder garden's tutors;
  • If necessary (for children which mother's tongue is not Bulgarian), an initial short stay of the parent until child's readiness for his successful adaptation to the new conditions.