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Healthy food

Dear Parents, Nemo knows best that healthy eating is crucial for your kids` growth and health. That is why we provide fresh food from Kids` Private Kitchen “Yan Bibiyan” daily. The preparation of the food follows exact requirements and is strictly controlled by the Ministry of Health.

For the healthy eating for the kids between 3 and 7 years old we believe that there are some rules we need to follow. Here are some of them:

  • The food should be of a good quality – full of vitamins, minerals and fibers. The four main groups of food are included daily (grains; fruits and vegetables; dairy products; meat and fish) to provide enough energy for the kids` bodies.
  • We do know how important breakfast is! After a long night sleep the body needs charging with energy and nutrients. The breakfast is a great start for a lot of new knowledge, games and fun.
  • The grains are the main source of energy, that is why we use a whole grain bread - nutritious product, which provides good source of minerals and vitamins.
  • Consuming fruits and vegetables every day, because Nemo is a part of a program, headed by The State Fund Agriculture, called “School fruits”. We believe that eating fruits and vegetables daily boost kids` immune systems and helps them fight sickness easier.
  • Consuming also enough dairy products, because our kids need a lot of calcium for their bones, teeth, nails, etc. Nemo is a part of a program, called “School milk”, headed by The State Fund Agriculture.
  • The food that Nemo provides is variable and includes also meat, fish and beans, which are both proteins and a great source of iron. This helps kids to stay focused and works for the brain and the heart.
  • We control the daily intake of sugar. From three years so far we work successfully for decreasing sugar in the meals in the kindergarten. We are glad that the parents are aware of that and they also provide sugarless or sugarfree cakes for their kids` birthdays. Nemo encourages freshly squeezed juice and do not accept fuzzy drinks at all.
  • Daily liquid intake – water, tea, milk. The tea that the kids are drinking is with no sugar and we add lemons for a better taste. The milk on its side is sweetened with fruits. According to the last restrictions of Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate all the kids drink water from reusable cups, which are cleaned and sterilized immediately after use. The water flows through an Aquaphor filter.
  • We pay attention of the hygiene rules that kids follow. Nemo encourages them to wash their hands before and after eating. We provide handkerchiefs for each kid and teach them the basic things of the eating culture.
  • At Nemo we play classical music every time the kids are eating, because we believe that this sound makes them feel calm and it also helps the digestive system to work better and faster.
  • The parents are weekly informed about the menu at the specific for that places – on the board in Nemo and also via message in the platform of “Kiddodiary”.