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NEMO’s staff

Nemo`s crew works as a well-trained instrument. Together with the qualified and long-term teachers, there are also young and full of innovative ideas members, who work together energetically and follow the rhythm as in a perfectly played symphony.

Our priorities:

  • We provide sympathy, patience, tranquility, warmth and an ability and desire for being always there if kids needed it.
  • We support the kid to take the decisions by itself.
  • We collect methods, which stimulate the creativity and the originality of kids` minds about Nature and Society.
  • We evaluate the inside potential of every kid and try to develop it on the best way.
  • We use interactive lessons where needed.
  • We create a variety of social models and behavior characteristics in kids` life.

Nadezhda Karamanska – head-manager and director

Who I am: a happy woman – daughter, wife, mother and a teacher… “rich” with great family and friends.

What I want: Love and carrying to every single kid! Music and smiles to complete my everyday life.

What I do: 30 years I work with all my heart for the kids around.

What other people say about me:

  • Positive attitude
  • Always with a smile
  • Inspiring figure
  • Loving woman
  • Tireless worker
  • A good example
  • Creative creator
  • Responsible teacher
  • A fair judge

Iva Stoyanova – manager

“I have finished my bachelor degree Sociology at New Bulgarian University and I have a master`s  degree Preschool Pedagogy at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. I have tried different professions but never felt on the right place. I have grown up in a family with teachers and musicians and luckily my life now is closely connected with them both at NEMO. At the beginning I used to work as a coordinator, but shortly I felt that working as a teacher makes me feel even better. The kids make me look deeper and I started to believe that we can all live in a better place. Their smiles, energy and passion motivate me to develop and find new knowledge and skills that can help kids develop their real potential and to draw their painting of the outside world. These kids are our future so I believe we must give them the opportunity to grow, educate themselves and be crucially  important part of our society.”

Venetka Milanova – teacher of arts

“40 years I am devoted to my profession-kindergarten teacher, one of the noblest professions. I graduated from the Institute for Elementary and Children’s teachers-Sofia. After that I worked in a base kindergarten under the leadership of the Institute for Teacher Improvement. Methodological groupings were continually organized, which aimed to showcase the best-prepared learning and diverse situations. This led to the improvement of the work of teachers. Over 20 years. I have worked in one of the prestigious kindergartens in Sofia, used a very good image among the teachers ‘ circles and the Ministry of Education. Ten years now I work at the “NEMO”. A good assessment of my work by colleagues and parents leads to a manifestation of creativity and innovation on my part. Moreover, the desire of the children to create and their joy from what they do satisfies me and stimulates me to work with desire and pleasure!”

Paskalina lazarova– teacher

“I graduated “pedagogy” at Sofia University. And Master program “Pedagogy of Deviant behavior”. I’ve been a teacher for more than eight in the “NEMO”. I love working with children, because through them I transfer to another world – a world of innocence, naivety, joy, games and happiness. This is a real world, but better! This motivates me and provokes me to be part of the team that makes this world possible! “

Velichka Lazarova – psychologist

“I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Child-Adolescent and School Psychology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. I wanted to work with kids, because they are full of energy and their desire to learn new things about the world. Besides that I love children, I am also interested in their psychological development. When they are happy and loved or sad and worried they express their emotions non-verbally, which can be hard for the adults around them. Those kind of expression are drawings that they show their inner world. I’ve taken a course in analysis children’s drawings and course about working with children with special educational needs by the Montessori method for kids from 0-6 years old.
The method is good for teaching all children, because it provokes the child to study, does not oblige the child to perform a specific action, encourages their development on personal interests.
For me working with them is a challenge, the pleasure I get when I see their growth, when they find the world around them, when they get independent and when they develope their pursuit for discover new things.”

Gabriela Ilieva – assistant educator

“I graduated from my secondary education in 2013 at 44th High School “Neofit Bozveli”. Then I took a course for manicure, pedicure and nail art. I practiced for one year, but for health reasons I had to end it. I decided to try the work with children and I didn’t do wrong. I love kids, they charging me positively and they make me smile. For me working in “NEMO” it’s not just a job, it’s a pleasure !”