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NEMO’s staff

The children at NEMO draw on the experience of the teachers with extensive experience as well as of the young teachers’ enthusiasm and energy.

* All descriptions for the teaching staff are taken from children’s opinions.



Nadezhda Karamanska

Mrs-Know-All, Mrs-Do-All,
She works wonders.
Science is very easy with her.

(Mrs Rosi)

* “Minister of Learning”. Strict but fair. “She scolds quietly”, but everybody hears her. She prepares “the grown-ups” for school but she also enjoys singing and dancing with all.


Monika Petrova

She reaches the hearts with music,
She conquers our senses with songs
She wins the children over with love.
(Mrs. Rosi)

* “Master of music at NEMO”. Mobile and innovative, she enriches the musical competence of the children not only in the hall, but also at the veranda, at camps, in nature… everywhere. Music is a priority of Frau Monika even when she teaches the children German.


Mrs. Milanova –

*„the light-fingered hands” at NEMO – she teaches creative application activities. In her work with children she uses a lot of aesthetics and finesse, materializing various original ides. Thus she fully proves Dr. M. Montessori’s claim that children’s intelligence is in their hands.


Todor Gadhalov / Teo – a real music & movie star. In addition to his assignments on the creation and performance of new Bulgarian hits, Teo is finishing his studies at “Pancho Vladigerov” National Music Academy, specializing in “Music Pedagogy”. The children at Nemo motivate him for further development as a music pedagogue in Bulgarian and English.


Ina –

Miss *„Morning Latino gymnastics” – friendly and energetic, she energizes even the most sleepy child. As a pedagogue Ina works with children from the middle age group – 3 to 5-year-olds in all disciplines.


Margarita Todorova Hristova is our nurse who takes care of the youngest children at NEMO. Just like the good ladybird from the children’s song, she is at each injured bunny’s disposal – to heal the injury and to say “Now it’s ok” with a smile on her face.