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The Education policy of “NEMO” is oriented towards the complete development of the child’s personality and the acquisition of a set of competencies in order to form an attitude for Lifelong Learning. We nurture, train, socialize and raise the children with a lot of music to awaken in them the joy of communicating with it. With The power of music, we develop intelligence and creativity, nurture responsibility, activity and tolerance.

The educational process is organized in Program approved by the MINISTRY of Education.

The Pedagogical interaction with the children is realized in accordance with the requirements of the State educational standard for pre-school education, with priority using games as a leading child activity and as a training method.

We have been working on the programming system for more than ten years In “NEMO” that guarantees optimum development for every child in the pre-school education and training process.

The System “I’m in kindergarten” approves the Personal oriented model for pre-school Education and upbringing. Cooperation with pedagogue is Leading, the ability to associate different perspectives for successful problem solving. The Educational process is oriented towards interests, needs and desires of each child, by establishing partner organizations and “Teacher-child-parent” relationships.

The Monitoring of the individual development of the child is carried out as comparability with the expected results and in compliance with the requirements for organizing Pedagogical diagnostics – Entry level – At the beginning of the school year; Level – At the end of the school year and currently – in the process of pedagogical interaction.

To unleash the full potential of the child and develop all of its capabilities, we offer the following additional activities:

  • Applied Arts Classes

    (drawing, modeling, working with clay and natural materials), all this helps to master different types of artistic techniques, developing imagination, dexterity and flair for the beautiful.

  • Music with Eli

    Development of innate musicality and improvement of hearing, fine motor skills, rhythmic development of speech and imagination.

  • Speech therapist

    Smoothing out speech problems and enriching speech knowledge.

  • Folk Dances

    Touch To the Bulgarian rhythms, traditions, folklore and spirituality.

  • Modern Dances

    Choreography and movements suitable for everyone. Combining different styles helps develop a sense of rhythm and dynamism.

  • Judo

    Mastering initial self-defense and sports discipline techniques.

  • Football

    Initial football skills and participation in tournaments.

  • Swimming

    Delight in touching the water and forming a sense of order and autonomy.

  • Ski

    Acquiring initial skills for skiing.

  • Yoga

    Undeniable way to maintain good physical and mental health.

  • Sports and culture outside NEMO

    Regular visits to sports and mountain bases, museums, theaters, exhibitions, concerts.