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Privacy Policy

Privacy notice

Information for the parents

( information provided pursuant to Article 13 of the GDPR)

To whom you submit your data


Name and address of the data controller

Name and address of the data controller

Name: Private Kindergarten “NEMO” Ltd.

Address: Sofia, Dragalevtci, str “Matochina” 2a

Number: 02/ 967 20 99, e-mail: nemocenter@nemo-bg.com

For contact with the person in charge of the personal data protection- Nadezhda Karamanska

Number:0889599118, e-mail: n.karamanska@nemo-bg.com

In case you have questions or you want to receive more information please turn to the person in charge of the personal data protection


What data we process

In connection with the implementation of the education process, we collect the following categories of data:

  1. Personal information of the child- names, address, personal indentification number (ЕГН), citizenship, place of birth
  2. Health and medical information
  3. Information on special educational needs of the child
  4. Attendace information and absence
  5. Information for issuing certificates
  6. Information needed to provide scholarships
  7. Personal data about the parent- Name, number, place of work, address, bank account, e-mail
  8. Information of the members of the public council- names, address, place of work, number, e-mail
  9. Information about received donations
  10. Pictures and videos of the child for portfolio and other documents


Why we handle your personal data

The law requires us to determine on what basis we process different categories of personal information and inform you for basics and our goals for each category of data processed.

If the basis for processing your personal information is no longer usable, we will immediately cease processing.

If the ground is changed then if required by law, we will notify you of the change as well as any new ground if we have established that we can continue to process your information.


I. On the basis of a legal obligation

In most cases we process the relevant personal data on a legal obligation resulting from the applicable regulation.

  • pre-school and school education law, secondary legislation
  • state educational standards
  • health requirements for kindergartens

This includes personal information of the child and in some cases of their parents:

  1. admission of students
  2. moving from one educational institution to another
  3. attendace (obsence) – information which is presented in the course of the learning process
  4. health/ medical information of the child
  5. special educational needs
  6. issuing certificates
  7. maintaining a portfolio of the child, with photo
  8. information about received donations

This data is necessary for the realization of the educational process in Private Kindergarten “NEMO”.

This data is necessary to ensure an appropriate and healthy environment.


II. processing of data on the basis of a contract or pre-contractual relationship

Data on the child and parents should be provided in connection with the conclusion of the contract.

We may use the data you provide for the purpose of providing that service.


III. On the basis of consent

In most cases we process the relevant personal data on a legal obligation resulting from the applicable regulation.

In the absence of a legal obligation, we may request your explicit consent to process certain categories of personal data:

  1. performing certain additional activities when the data are not collected on a legal basis ( in which certain activities are needed personal data of the child and of the parent who is agrees to participate in the activity)
  2. contacting the parent in case of urgency or in relation to the child’s behavior (phone number, e-mail )
  3. releasing photos and videos of the child
  4. publishing photos and videos in “kiddodiary”, in the web site, and the official facebook page

You can also tell us if you are not agreed by sending us an e-mail.


IV. On the grounds of legitimate interest/ on the basis of a public interest task

We can process information based on the availability of legitimate interest to you or to us, as well as in connection with the doing of a task in the public interest ( in case that video surveillance is used in the building or around it for the purpose of protection and security ).


Recipients of your personal information

They can be:

  1. employees of our institution
  2. another organizations like ours (another kindergarten)
  3. organizations processing data on our behalf
  4. institutions in the circle of education
  5. national revenue agency, social services office, regional health inspectorate, agency of child protection, organizations with which we have signed a contract or perform a particular activity together.


We give away your information to the next institution

The period of time we collect your personal data

Unless in the current notice for privacy is written anything else, we keep your personal data as long it is required:

  1. In the absence of our legal obligations
  2. Until doing the relevant activity for which you have given us consent
  3. In connection with a possible claim or defense in court.


Rights you have in connection with the personal data you provide

In connection with the personal data you provide you have right to require from us:

  1. Access to your personal data
  2. Corrections or erasure of your personal data
  3. Restricting their access
  4. Right to object the processing
  5. Portability of data


The right of appeal to a supervisory authority

You have the right to appeal to a supervisor. The supervisory authority in the Republic of Bulgaria is the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data within the meaning of the applicable legislation

Principal: Nadezhda Karamanska