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“I heard positive reviews about NEMO kindergarten even before I had a child and faced the dilemma of which garden should I enroll it. When that moment came, honestly I didn’t even look for other gardens and opinions, you were my first choice. I haven’t hesitated or regretted for even a moment about my decision. On the contrary: day by day I see more and more increasingly positive development in his speech and in his communication skills and independence. I am extremely grateful for the efforts, patience and love of all the personnel. My child is calm, happy, develops properly among his peers, makes friends – both with children and teachers 🙂 Congratulations on the professionalism and dedication with which you fulfill your vocation! Continue in the same spirit! “

Maria Kastreva

“We chose Nemo because we saw how good our niece Lily felt there. Georgy feels great, every day he enthusiastically explains what they did during the day, he goes to the garden with desire and a smile. He learns new things every day and already has many friends. The variety of activities you come up with for the children is great and we are absolutely calm when Georgy is with you!”

Lyubka Kavlakova

“We chose Nemo Kindergarten because we had observations and impressions of the place, the environment and the teachers from my niece, which had five wonderful years in this garden. In our family it was not on the agenda to look for and explore other places, because we knew that our child would study exactly in Nemo. From day one, the teachers gave me confidence and calmness that we have made the right decision. I receive detailed information, photos and feedback on the child’s development – the three most important components for me. I like the kind and friendly attitude of the whole team in Nemo, every morning smile for “welcome”, the professionalism of the teachers and especially this cozy, family atmosphere that reigns in the kindergarten – it is difficult to describe, but if you try it – you would appreciate the effort of the team. I dare saying that my child feels right in his place, with the right people around him. For almost two years I see a huge change in him – and to a positive direction. John became much more independent, more confident, and definitely more powerful and knowledgeable. I owe all this to all of YOU. Thank you “Nemo” for all the efforts, all the love and support, your patience and for your invaluable skills. “

Galia and Martin

“My name is Ivan Antrov and I am Senior Product Manager of Lexus at Toyota Balkans Ltd, the importer of Toyota & Lexus in Bulgaria. My job is to guaranty that in Bulgaria the clients of Lexus receive the best quality of service which is in compliance with the superb quality of the cars of this make. In view of this I constantly study and analyse competitive offers and services in our industry.

Objective comparison of services and products has turned into a second nature of mine so much so that I would not buy anything in my personal life without detailed research. Similarly, I do not buy anything from personnel who do not have the right attitude to their customers and me in particular. So 5 years ago I started searching for information about private kindergartens in Sofia. Up until that time our son Teodor, aged 3 at that time, had attended one public and one private kindergarten both with the same unsatisfactory results.

That is why I studied and visited myself most of the private kindergartens in Sofia. Putting aside the relatively comparable facilities, most of the managers of private kindergartens that I researched did not have a clear concept of the real emotional needs of the children and their overambitious schedules did not include any games, entertainments and sports, which is as important for children as studying.

Therefore, Nemo became undoubtedly my favourite as it outperformed the rest considerably. Nadya and Monika impressed me with their attitude, ardency and love with which they personally manage their business every day and with which they take care of the children, their education and mood. They strike a perfect balance between good education, schedule coupled with lots of games, sport, music and fun. They are simply cool and children adore them.

In terms of equipment, I was quite pleased by the diverse catering, the facilities, the green lawn behind the building where the children play in the summer, swimming, ski schools, summer camps, yoga practice, judo, and the other activities that Nemo constantly offers to the children thus helping their very busy parents.

Last but not least, in financial terms, Nemo still is one of the most affordable kindergartens with reasonable money – quality ratio.

The years reassured me that I took the right decision. Our son Teodor would not want to come home from the kindergarten which was the greatest proof that he was feeling good there. He spent 3 years at Nemo and was left with wonderful memories which he goes back to with nostalgia.

Our daughter Maria is nine months now and we can’t wait to send her to Nemo in six months’ time, where we are sure she will have 5 amazing years as did her older brother. My wife and I trust Nadya and Monika that they will keep taking care of our children as their second family.”

Ivan Antrov

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

As parents of two children we would like to express our immense gratitude first and foremost for the love and warmth that surround our children every day, for the radiant smiles with which every morning you open the door of the kindergarten saying: “Good morning, kids, today is a wonderful day. Come in, everybody’s waiting for you.“

You bring up and educate with incredible sense for humanness and understanding some very young people who turn into confident, calm and knowing young boys and girls growing up in front of our eyes. The result of your work and cares are happy and constantly learning new things children who wake up every morning saying “I am going to kindergarten” or “Mom, today we are visiting the different children, but first will bake them cookies at the kindergarten”. Thank you very much for educating and teaching the children so important and significant values, for showing them the world as beautiful and magical as it is through theater, nature, with orphans and children with disabilities, for being with them in the pool, at the track, in the garden among flowers and vegetables, at the piano. The children grow independent and confident individuals only when we treat them with respect and trust. What is really important for us is your responsible attitude to the education process, the possibility to stay in touch with the team, sharing different cases and the constantly objective evaluation of the children and their education. We recommend the team of NEMO Private Kindergarten, which the children themselves refer to as “School for good people”, for your partner in bringing up your children.”

The Balkanovs – grateful parents of Hristo (5) and Dara (2)

Our Family been using Nemo Day care in the past year for our baby daughter. We find Nemo day care:

– Very professional day care teachers.
– Children Security – is one of the main concerns of the Day Care.
– Day Care Facilities are well preserved and Day care is well maintained.
– Day Care teaches are worm, dedicated, devoted to the baby’s needs.
– Food served fresh every day.
– Sickness of Children reports as first priority and awareness been send to us all time for any other child sickness.
– Events such ballet course and dance class are added randomly to the students which adding more variety of activities to the children and create more reach environment for our baby.

Regards, Arik And Dana Perets.

At NEMO my child is growing-up calm, happy and smart! Thank you! You are amazing!

Vera Bebova

“Dear fairy teachers of our children and grandchildren, I haven’t thought that in Bulgaria it was possible to make such a unique combination of the best in our Bulgarian traditions of bringing-up, educating and training of young children with the contemporary and environmentally friendly trends from the German and Swedish education and culture. Well done! Thank you cordially for the mother’s care, attention and love that you give to our dearest! Keep doing it! We appreciate you and love you as much as the children that we entrust to your care do!”

Radosveta Hristova

This is truly a small paradise for the children. All children deserve to be brought up and educated in such conditions and with such mother’s care.

Margarita Petrova

“Thank you for the love and support that you give to our child!!

Kremena and Ivaylo

For the warm hugs,

For the music and smiles,

For the professionalism,

For the big hearts

To the whole NEMO team

We are very thankful:

Stefcho Doshev and Parents!